The Walk To End LUPUS Now 2016 

The Boston Lupies would like to cordially invite you to the Walk to End LUPUS Now!! 

When: October 22, 2016
Where: Boston Commons
Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm 

Click the REGISTER button below to be directed to our WALK page. Register as a walker and invite friends and family to register as well. Please donate as well if funds do permit! Your presence and donations are greatly appreciated. 

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The Walk to End LUPUS Now 2015 marked our first year as one of the TOP groups to receive donations exceeding $2,000. We thank each and every individual and group who has donated last year and the three years that we have completed this event. As a team, we aspire raise more than last year - as a means of contributing to the endless efforts that researchers are making in order to one day find a cure. 

Until that glorious day arrives, may be band together, wear purple, throw our L's up, and advocate for this mysterious disease that has affected more households than many are willing to admit!

Last year's walk commenced a new Boston Lupie tradition - having a Designated Walker for our very own, Emilia Smith. Due to complications with  Emilia's lung disease, she was unable to do the walk in its entirety, Ms. Lauren stepped in to finish in under 20 minutes and with the brightest smile on her face. 

We are grateful for dedicating her Fall Saturday morning to walking for a cause and do so gracefully!

If you would like to be a Designated Walker, let us know! Anyone can be a DW and walk in the place of Emilia. Last day to inform us of your interest is October 1st.